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MICROLATCH teams up with GENIE

MICROLATCH is a manufacturer of portable stand-alone biometrics solutions that have an enormous application in today’s burgeoning mobile technology sector.  GENIE is a renowned UK security manufacturer and supplier, initially focusing on CCTV and now expanding into access identification.

The partnership between MICROLATCH and GENIE enables a synergistic evolution and enhanced capacity for both company's in UK, Middle East, Africa and Europe, promoting and supporting the Microlatch product portfolio.


MICROLATCH CEO (Chris Burke) says,‘The partnership allows a strengthening of our capabilities to support several large project requirements for customers, from financial and mobile applications, through to building access systems’.  Mr. Burke says, ‘GENIE has already gained significant market attention from their rise into a top five CCTV company, with government and large corporate alliances, plus several mainstream transport projects and a very successful distribution structure.


‘The ability to leverage MICROLATCH into Europe in a more formidable sales and distribution structure will compliment and build our collective sales volumes; plus add mobile application developments and mass market opportunities’, says Mr. Burke.


GENIE and MICROLATCH will be making more detailed information in relation to their projects in the very near future, suffice to say they are involved in one of the greatest market shifts in regard 'technological structural changes' that will affect our generation and several following, which is an enormous business pinnacle created from forsight and technology creativity.  Microlatch holds several global strategic patents that apply to mobile payment solutions.