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Dubai Intersec Trade Show- Jan 2013

Every year Microlatch is proud to participate in the Dubai Intersec Trade Show. We met many new and existing customers, plus were excited to share several updated product launches, including the BIOFOB Blue, Bioblue.

BIOBlue is a Bluetooth connected fingerprint security device that ensures the mobile device, phone or tablet has an active encrypted interface with real-time authentication of the User.

BIOBlue encapsulates the User fingerprint template and never releases any biometrics information associated with the User when communicating to the mobile device via secure Bluetooth.  Therefore, no Privacy concerns.

BIOBlue can be utilised by all customers requiring a replacement to PIN when operating a secure function from any mobile device or handset.  BIOBlue is a preferred dynamic number generator solution with several enhanced security features over traditional 'type and display' products.  BIOBlue will seamlessly communicate an encrypted OTP (One Time Password) to the financial institution, this removes the requirement to display the OTP and type into the computer or mobile device keypad.

Microlatch anticipates the acceleration for customer demand of BIOBlue to continue as the payment and security solutions for mobile phones proliferate and eventually prevail in the global market.