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Microlatch Patents focus on mobile devices with fingerprint

| September 10, 2013 11:59 AM EST


Microlatch technology was conceived and designed to enable small mobile devices to add a biometrics component, fingerprint etc. in order to ensure the identity of the user was known and authorised prior to activation.  The integration of biometrics into standard everyday devices was an idea borne by the CEO and FOUNDER of Microlatch, Mr Chris Burke.  The concept of combining a biometrics module into a standard mobile device or keyfob is now the intention of phone manufacturers globally, and Chris Burke had the initiative to license and patent the ideas well ahead of these tech giants. 


Microlatch offers a selection of integrated devices for various applications, including building access, long range RF operation, mobile device peripherals, automotive controls, payment systems, online banking, intruder alarm controllers and a plethora of standard everyday devices.  Chris Burke is recognised as the inventor of mobile stand-alone devices that are self managed and communicate with standard protocols.  The company now is expanding its range of products to grab a major stake in the global market for biometrics secure self-contained devices.

Microlatch is potentially riding on a wave of new technologies entering the market that will be incorporated into most of our lives in one form or another.  Perhaps the largest area of opportunity according to Mr. Burke, is the new mobile banking and payments solutions that is set to revolutionise the way we identify oursleves when transferring or spending money online and at retail outlets.  The future is indeed very bright for this fast-growing company that had an idea to incorporate fingerprint into many everyday products and devices.