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Microlatch - Mi-Token Press Release

2013-10-23 | GITEX, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Microlatch Mi-Token sign a strategic partnership to deliver an integrated Biometric & Identity Assurance suite to Banks & Governments.


Ultra-Secure Biometric & EnterpriseTwo Factor Authentication solutions now available under a compelling new licensing model.


Microlatch the leaders in the design, development and manufacture of stand-alone self-contained biometrics security solutions today signed a Strategic Partnership with Mi-Token Inc., the leader in easy to deploy enterprise authentication. The partnership will deliver Biometric products, integrated with the Mi-Token Banking & Enterprise Authentication solutions to the EMEA markets. This will be the first time that Government, Banking & Enterprise clients in EMEA will be able to access banking grade biometrics authentication solutions managed through the Mi-Token Enterprise management server. 

John Nolan, Mi-Token VP EMEA said: "We are excited to work with Microlatch to bring advanced biometric tokens & technology to our clients. There is a large demand from companies and government agencies to migrate their legacy authentication solutions to a more open and secure platform and both Mi-Token and Microlatch make this transition securely and economically. The market is looking for new solutions due to recent password attacks and data assurance concerns and our combined solution will address the need for a more flexible and user-friendly authentication management solution."

Chris Burke, Managing Director of Microlatch says “this biometrics enterprise solution will be a first step into the future of online banking, where the user is authenticated through fingerprint comparison within the token, prior to the process completing.  There will be no change to banking infrastructure and no change to existing account or OTP process, the security differential for Microlatch customers will be verification of the user from within the biometric token.”

“The Mi-Token suite takes security to another level of protection for the user without major change to existing practices or processes, therefore we see this step into the future as being consistent with market trends, such as Apple Inc, and other technology manufacturers implementing similar biometrics enhancements.  Payments and banking will be upgraded to incorporate biometrics authentication within the mobile solutions or with associated peripheral devices” says Mr. Burke.



About Microlatch

Microlatch offers a very simple and highly secure solution, which is less costly than traditional biometrics offerings and far more adaptable to multi-layered, physical and logical access. Microlatch solutions provide biometrics identification of the individual without any requirement to change the existing security system for building access and PC network login requirements.  Microlatch design their biometrics tokens with multi-technology aspects, integrating Bluetooth and NFC for PC login and long range RF with NFC for building access requirements, offering a multi-use security token.

Since inception, the Microlatch Group has concentrated on the design, quality manufacture, worldwide marketing and distribution of a variety of combintation NFC and RF (radio frequency) RFID or Bluetooth Wireless Biometrics combinations. The Microlatch patented solutions have been adapted to Automotive, Mobile Device, Phone and Tablet Technologies, PC Networking Access, Building Access, Hotel & Leisure Industry, Corporate attendance, Medical, Universities and many more..

About Mi-Token Inc.

Originally developed by cryptographic specialists for the banking industry, Mi-Token supplies simple, secure authentication that is revolutionary in its simplicity of implementation and management. Mi-Token integrates seamlessly with existing token deployments, while significantly reducing the overhead and administrative cost normally associated with Two Factor Authentication.





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