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Microlatch releases Password Generator

Microlatch announces the BIOFOB Password, a data storage device with fingerprint access. 

Today, Microlatch unveiled the secure Password Storage in BIOFOB BT, Bluetooth device, which is designed and patented by Microlatch.  The Password Generator is basically a data storage device, maintaining important User Name / Password combinations for use on PC, Android and iOS Apple systems.

Microlatch is proud to showcase their versatile fingerprint device with Bluetooth communications and SDK, allowing developers and customers to consider a multitude of applications, only limited by their imagination.

The BIOFOB encrypts and stores information that is related to any specific finger, thereby offering multiple levels of password storage and unlimited combinations.  The ability to securely store passwords in BIOFOB and utilise longer variable data combinations with incorporation of special characters has created a solution to the problems that have impacted Password security since inception.

Microlatch is proud to be the first to invent mobile fingerprint self-managed technology and lead the world in the applications of biometrics.  The BIOFOB also includes an NFC chip for building access or payment systems at kiosks or in-house applications, therefore logical and physical attributes in one.



Chris Burke