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BIOCARD shown in Transporter 4



Microlatch BIOCARD shows its futurustic appeal to movie-goers in the latest Transporter 4.  The BIOCARD as used in Transporter 4 gives a vision to the future where PIN and PASSWORD will be replaced by mobile biometrics either within the mobile phone or in conjunction.  The BIOCARD requires 'live' finger detection and operates together with a mobile phone via Bluetooth, offering secure communications and diverse options for managaing multiple platforms with one security device. 

The Founder and Managing Director of Microlatch, Mr Chris Burke says, "the Transporter movie gives us an insight into the future of security processes, where biometrics will be mainstream and involve a simple, flexible and secure process to replace and improve our current reliance upon PIN and PASSWORD".


Microlatch BIOCARD is a patented technology owned by Microlatch and being deployed in unlimited security applications globally.  The BIOCARD simultaneously communicates to existing building access card readers, Bluetooth and long range RF systems.  These three technologies combine to make the BIOCARD a highly valuable and secure method of online payments, online or offline identification, storage medium for mobile devices to access remotely, whilst in addition being used to gain entry to our home and workplace.  The future will see such devices being used in the automotive market and for retail payments, plus in-house total environment configuration and secure solutions, such as Universities, Corporate, Military and Government.


Microlatch BIOCARD also offers attachment for photo ID, thereby being a simple replacement for Corporate badges and gaining a significant security advantage against theft, loss and copying of personal ID badges and access cards.  The BIOCARD requires no building infrastructure changes and will operate with the existing card readers, therefore can be deployed immediately.  The ability for immediate deployment reduces the cost of security upgrade and re-wiring of installations to zero.


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