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Microlatch releases New Mobile Security application on Android

Microlatch releases new Android Security app.

Following over a decade of sales, performance and reliability success of Microlatch RF Receivers / Controllers for variety of customer installation requirements, Microlatch has released their long awaited Security System on a mobile phone, initially on Android with iOS to follow later in 2016. 

Microlatch's new mobile app will allow customers to control staff and resident access via their mobile phone, dispensing with PC based Security installations that are cumbersome and expensive to install.  The upgraded Microlatch Receiver / Controllers include a Bluetooth BLE addition that offers controllability from a mobile device and also the mobile device can gain access in the same manner as an Access Card or RF Credential.

Microlatch customers can now operate and manage their Receiver / Controllers in the same manner as any PC security system without the cost and complexity.  Installation of the new Bluetooth enabled Receivers is as simple as before, however they optionally include the Bluetooth hardware interface and app ready to be downloaded onto a mobile device.  The mobile device app will enable all standard security operations, Add/Delete/Modify Users, Audit, Setup parameters for Door entry permissions and Relay timings, time zones and mulitple access points, etc. etc. 

Microlatch's forward planning strategy is to continuously enhance the mobile app to create a very reliable and capable RF Receiver platform, ready for Smart-Home, Residential and Commercial Access, plus Remote entry whilst offering more versatility with regard the RF credentials.

The platform will be launched first quarter in Asia and globally during second quarter 2016.  Microlatch CEO, Mr Chris Burke, explains the significance of this technical enhancement to their products as; 'a unique approach in offering access solutions to customers with a need for simple, effective and capable management of their staff and family members, which will create a new consumer market for DIY home and small commercial security.

Microlatch enables a completely Wireless installation environment, which removes expensive installation costs.  Plus, Microlatch's new mobile device app now replaces the expensive PC security platform, thereby removing two of the most complex, labour intensive aspects of installing and operating a secure environment.  The future for home DIY and small commercial requirements will continue to demand greater flexibility and reduced installation and running costs and Microlatch is at the forefront of this divergence from mainstream PC based security platforms.  Microlatch's new Bluetooth based RF Receiver / Controllers will enable customers to simply add and delete fingerprints from the company's RF biometrics fingerprint products to gain entry, no more needing to hold or carry credentials or access cards, 'your finger is the key', in the new Microlatch Security environment.