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Microlatch Gains Funding Partner for 2018

Microlatch Gains Funding Partner for 2018


Microlatch is pleased to announce a first stage funding partner for 2018 and beyond, which will enable the business to accelerate commercialisation strategies and gain further enhancements to the patent portfolio.  Microlatch will also generate additional revenue streams with its manufacturing business to create new devices specific to a market that is accepting and requesting more biometrically secured consumer products than ever.  See references below;


From articles in BiometricUpdate 2017:

‘It seems a reference to biometrics popped in almost every story published this year about the emerging Internet of Things. One big theme in the biometrics space was the remarkable expansion in markets and demand.’

'Biometric integrations in consumer electronics will drive the global biometrics market to nearly double in size on 14 percent CAGR, according to research from TechSci.'


Microlatch CEO and patent portfolio Inventor, Mr. Christopher Burke said, the company is poised to fully commercialise its patent portfolio with a focus in the USA, where patents can be valued in significantly higher terms.  The growth of the biometrics adoption and acceptance is pleasing to see and it continues to increase the value of our patent portfolio, which we plan to fully monetise in the coming years.’


Microlatch has shown a considerable funding capability and foresight with its patent portfolio, with mobile biometrics now accelerating at a pace unrivalled in the global technology sphere.  Mr. Burke says the Microlatch patent assets will be re-deployed into a new operating entity to satisfy the investment.  The ability to determine our own success is very important at Microlatch and we will ensure our future is firmly defined by our own team and strategies.  Mr. Burke says the investment bolsters our funding ability to support our business and assets, both as an offensive strategy in global litigation of infringing entities, plus locally to defend against unlawful attempts to undermine our corporate tenure.






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