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Patent conditions improve in 2018

Microlatch takes great pleasure to announce improved conditions for its patent commercialisation program in 2018.  Following on from substantial income tax cuts in the US, there is a greater propensity for litigation fund entities to apply their trade.  Patent Litigation is an expensive exercise and requires patience alongside tenacity, therefore the rewards need to be proportionate or outweigh the effort. 


Microlatch is continuously enhancing and strengthening its patent portfolio with several new patents coming online in 2018.  The mobile biometrics market continues to expand and diversify at a remarkable and accelerating rate.   The Microlatch ‘remote entry system’ patent will have sister patents with commensurate value during 2018.  Microlatch CEO, Mr Burke says, ‘the dynamics of technology markets continues to broaden, therefore important we assess new directions and new opportunities to enhance our patents in order to hold position, maintain relevance and future-proof, through these changes’.


Mr Burke says, ‘Microlatch notes an accelerating mobile biometrics device market, more desirable business conditions, market liquidity and swelling US Corporate sector with an appetite for the patent licensing market-place’.  Mr. Burke continues, ‘our strategy will be to fully infiltrate the global market with licensing/litigation and product offerings that are consistent with our expanding patent portfolio’.


Microlatch intend to issue several more highly anticipated news articles in the coming weeks, including an exceedingly supportive US Patent Expert Opinion report.  Mr. Burke says ‘the Microlatch website will change significantly to capture the company’s new ownership and technological endeavours’.  Mr. Burke thanks everyone for their very positive online support; 2018 will fulfill our limitless monetisation possibilities.