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Microlatch takes great pleasure to announce that BIOCARD will receive a major facelift with new display technology, plus state-of-the-art fingerprint placement module located on the rear surface.  The new display technology enables interactive communications to BIOCARD, which is an essential component for creating a multi-purpose secure credential, maintaining a smartphone type interface.


The result from Microlatch is a multi-purpose device, the operations and display are configurable via smartphone apps.  Additionally, the security is far superior and unparalleled by any smartphone on the market.  Mr Burke says, ‘the BIOCARD does not contain open architecture that is accessed by third party developers, therefore we can constrain the information much more securely and don’t need to issue documentation explaining the encryption methods, memory allocations or internal processes that are used to store and retrieve data’.  Microlatch patents also cover this product and therefore illustrate the company’s positioning to use patents by way of licensing for a variety of monetisation options, including the ability to defend against copy products eating away at our market-share.  Microlatch CEO, Mr Chris Burke says ‘the next generation BIOCARD takes the smart credential technology to higher level and offers a huge marketing opportunity in the standalone secure mobile biometrics market’.


By 2022, the consumer market for mobile biometrics alone will exceed US$50 billion annually and accelerating beyond a CAGR of more than 40%.  The combination of mobile biometrics within consumer products multiplies this market value by one thousand fold.  The various markets cannot solely be sustained by smartphones and there is already a significant push to launch trials with biometrically secured Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.  Additionally, many of these markets are not capable to be served by smartphones.  The mobile biometrics market also extends to data storage devices, automotive keyfobs, identification, secure payments, secure access, one time password display, credit and debit card CVV display, wearables, IoT Internet of Things, OEM Other Equipment Manufacturer solutions, online access, smart home, blockchain, drivers licenses, government, police, corporate and military identity cards and devices, cryptocurrencies etc. etc. etc., Microlatch intend to take a primary positioning in these markets with products that exceed customer expectations in quality, design, price and performance.  Most importantly the Microlatch patent suite protect these products against copy.  The BIOCARD display is setup via smartphone and is language indifferent, also symbols, photo images and logos are displayable, which is a significant advantage in achieving global sales success.  


Microlatch BIOCARD is a generational product development, including 1GByte data storage, biometrics fingerprint access, WiFi, Bluetooth and Wireless Recharge Technology to match the latest smartphones and watches.  The BIOCARD can operate in a smart home or as an external access control device, it contains 2 x NFC circuits that offer either payment and/or access control, or any combination requirement from our global customers.  Mr Burke says that ‘the combination of state-of-the-art Australian technology and patent strength through the license agreements offers a major global business and we are very excited by the significant potential to capitalise within the largest consumer market in the history of mankind’.


BIOCARD will also have capacity for external or internal mounting, via a backing box, which will offer security for building access.  In this scenario the Microlatch BIOCARD is inserted into a backing box that is powered with low voltage supply and integrates an Internal Recharge Pad, allowing the BIOCARD to be simultaneously recharged whilst operating as a keypad, biometrics or squiggle input for secure access control.  The BIOCARD display images and locations of the numbers can be switched to add greater security from people watching subversively as to the input arrangement.  Similarly, the Biometrics access will also offer secure personal access, therefore the options are limitless.


The display is called E-PAPER and covers the front face of BIOCARD and allows a small area for a metal end-piece, commensurate with Microlatch keyfob technologies.  The size will be around 4” (credit card size) – ultra thin – easy to carry.  With the advent of Wireless Charging, the BIOCARD becomes weatherproof.  The ability to store images and photo-id’s internally to BIOCARD offers unique security advantages, in that, government or council representatives can be scrutinised in any ONLINE or OFFLINE environment.  Current photo-id cards suffer from a static display, which can simply be switched.  There is common knowledge that people walking around secure buildings with a photo-id, would seamlessly operate subversively and very rarely be approached for authenticity of the photo-id.  Additionally, council workers on roadways and infrastructure projects can be authenticated with the combination of biometrics and photo images that area generated from internal secure storage.


Microlatch Smartphone App will have two-way secure communications (Bluetooth or Wifi) and therefore reports information from the credential to smartphone or vice versa.  Smartphone sets or creates the display layout on the BIOCARD, which allows any display requirements, from financial institutions and corporate logos, Keypad numbers or symbols and a plethora of images for smart home.  The BIOCARD has its own computer processing capability and can independently determine electronic funds remaining, security including 'one time password' generation and all details of battery life etc.


Additionally, the E-PAPER display will identify battery remaining and flash for attention when batteries are low or require urgent attention.  Recharge is from Wireless inductive mats as used by Apple, Samsung and most newly released smartphones.  E-PAPER is an ultra-thin display technology, which requires no battery after the display has been changed, this technology lends itself to Microlatch BIOCARD and adds a generational shift into a secure smart mobile device that is capable of most everyday requirements and substantially less expensive than smartphones.  The BIOCARD with display operates as a smart and secure credential.  Microlatch will have in-built display images and formats, and also these can be customised by the User or Supplier via the Microlatch Smartphone app.  There are endless display formats, from words to symbols – that are simply download to BIOCARD via Bluetooth or Wifi.