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Microlatch will begin a series of articles aimed at showcasing their patented BIOCARD in various formats or market-applications, starting today with Smart Home. 

The ability to transform BIOCARD into various guises and market applications is a significant benefit when we consider the vagaries of global market requirements.  The global market has differentiations for language, symbols, image conventions and applications that vary from country to country.  Microlatch BIOCARD has been transformed via display E-PAPER to accommodate these variations purely by transmission of the product display from smartphones.  Once the image display is transferred, it remains in BIOCARD forever and the display is readable constantly without the requirement for any battery power.  This product is categorized as a smart credential and supplements smartphones ideally.


The smart credential market demands biometrics security and BIOCARD has fingerprint access security and control on the back surface, similar to some smartphones.  The biometrics security technology is becoming a significant requirement in many products and markets, which has been led by smartphones.


Microlatch is a leader in mobile secure biometrics and holds several global patents.  Mr Burke says, ‘the mobile security market has become a standard for smartphones and it is absolutely logical this will extend to the credential market, which is a much larger consumer segment and measured in its unrivalled volumes, with trillions of devices deployed’.


Smart Home is a global market poised to expand and broaden.  The Smart Home market already delivers many voice activated devices and control applications, however the market is barely touched in relation to mass consumer take-up.  Microlatch will apply BIOCARD into the Smart Home market alongside their RF Radio Frequency and Bluetooth receiver-controllers to activate many everyday functions in the home, including access security.  Smart Home will become a voice activated remote system that combines products and controllers including the most important integration of mobile biometrics.


‘Microlatch will continue to showcase the BIOCARD product applications and announce new product categories and new patents to enhance our global market positioning’, says Mr Burke.