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Microlatch continues unabated in its commercialisation programs for patents and product developments.  This article introduces BIOCARD in the mobile ecommerce market.


eMarketer forecast global ecommerce sales of $2.290 trillion for 2017, considerably higher than the $1,179 trillion forecast by Goldman Sachs in 2014.   Predictions are global ecommerce markets sales will continue to accelerate further and reach more than $4 trillion by 2020.


Microlatch BIOCARD with E-PAPER becomes a highly desirable mobile biometrics solution in the global financial marketplace.  Mr Burke says, ‘BIOCARD with E-PAPER is a low cost / extremely secure option for consumers operating in a variety of mobile ecommerce segments’.  ‘Cost and Security of devices within the mobile ecommerce industry will be significant drivers’, says Mr Burke.


Mobile ecommerce includes:

  • Mobile money transfers.
  • Electronic tickets and boarding passes.
  • Digital content purchases and delivery.
  • Mobile banking.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • NFC Contactless payments.
  • Location-based services.
  • Mobile marketing, coupons, and loyalty cards.



Mobile banking and NFC Payment transactions will demand new security devices or credentials to fulfill the total market, providing low cost alternatives to smartphones.  It is unrealistic to consider smartphones can totally control these markets and eventually low cost credentials will step-up to regain their dominance; which they have previously held unimpeded for many decades.


Financial Institutions will require smart secure mobile credentials and BIOCARD foots the bill.  BIOCARD offers ecommerce transaction details to be shown on the E-PAPER display and remains for years without power, therefore static information such as issuer logos don’t need to change.  However, other information will need updating and additional security measures can certainly be implemented.  Mr Burke says, ‘BIOCARD with E-PAPER allows the CVV - Card Verification Value to change in a known manner, using mathematical formulas particular to each bank or financial institution.  The change is sometimes referred to as ‘one time’ password or number, which updates itself after each use.  The ability to change CVV in a known mathematical process offers the financial institution a significant security advantage and will reduce customer losses, a weakness with existing credit and debit cards’.


Microlatch BIOCARD offers a historic industry enhancement and unlimited advantages as a mobile ecommerce credential, adding significant security features and benefits to customers.  One time passwords have multiple uses within BIOCARD; online banking, identification and CVV, which ensures the number or password changes after every transaction, removing ‘password replay’ fraud.  Additionally, the Microlatch BIOCARD can display pages of information, plus static passwords from its secured memory, which again does not require power to remain undamaged in encrypted storage.







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