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Microlatch has completed its global strategic reorganisation and continues with commercialisation of its patent portfolio and product developments unabated.


This update showcases the new keyfob style advancement with E-PAPER, which adds another dimension to a consumer product that is sold globally in the trillions of units.  The upgraded keyfob with display regains the technological lead by the new Microlatch Technologies group of companies.


Microlatch will release a major technological breakthrough following from their bestselling metal keyfob.  The new addition of E-PAPER display technology removes the requirement for pushbuttons and totally reformats the product into a multi-purpose mass consumer solution.  Mr. Burke says, ‘the new style keyfob will operate in every major global market, from automotive through Fintech payment systems and ‘one-time-password’ tokens.  The display is configured by smartphone and enables the product to change format with immediate effect, also displaying product information or logos.’


The Microlatch ‘display fob’ can be configured by distribution channel partners for a multitude of applications.  The E-PAPER display replaces conventional pushbuttons and makes the product operate in several different market segments.  Mr. Burke says, ‘once the display is configured, it continues to operate without any additional power requirement for years, therefore being most suitable to a small mobile battery-operated device.  The product is also backed by the Microlatch patent portfolio, offering significant sales advantages and OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturer) licensing arrangements.


Microlatch is extremely excited by the sales potential and financial income generation modelling for this product and the associated E-PAPER incorporated technologies now being created.  Mr. Burke says, ‘consumers require feedback from today’s technology and E-PAPER is the ideal option for small mobile devices, such as car remotes, keyfobs, tokens, credentials in all market segments.  Smartphones become the computing workhorse of future technologies and these intelligent devices are the specialist service providers’.  We will also have the option of biometrics to create a significantly higher security class.’