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Microlatch Logo is Updated!


Microlatch has commenced its re-branding and corporate profile enhancement.  Mr Burke, CEO of Microlatch, says 'the re-branding of the company is long overdue and brings a fresh change of persona consistent with its new business enterprises and marketing activities in all major markets'. Mr Burke added that, 'Microlatch will change its website and all marketing materials during 2018 in preparation for a more agressive business acceleration in several key technical areas, which will be enacted and released to our customers and the public progressively'.


Microlatch notes that our patent portfolio continues to increase in value as the smartphone, biometrics credit and debit cards, biometrics IoT, biometrics payment and security credentials, BlockChain providence, plus consumer awareness and satisfaction all continue to gain momentum collectively.  Mr Burke says 'Microlatch is well placed to capture a significant percentage of the expanding mobile biometrics market-place with products that offer smarter and more secure solutions'.  Mobile biometrics combined with NFC (Near Field Communication) enable larger floor-limit online and in-store payments.  Microlatch products, IP and patents are all expanding in combination technology fields, plus muti-modal biometrics in anticipation of future business demands.