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Microlatch is pleased to announce that we are well on our way to finalising and resolving our issues with CPC, following the recent decision in the NSW Supreme Court.

We are looking forward to working together and taking our patents to the highest technological levels, including further development of our intellectual property, commercialisation and licensing.


Microlatch created several extremely valuable Patent Assets at a time when no products and no market existed.  Therefore, as the experts in this creative field of endeavour, Microlatch is uniquely positioned to improve and enhance its wholly owned Patent Portfolio to further strengthen the successful License and Litigation potential.


Mr Burke says, ‘We understand the numerous patent claim-sets because we created them and it is important that a working relationship and respect be the order of the day.  CPC continue to seek a position on the Australian stock market, whilst Microlatch maintains its commercialisation and patent enhancement strategies.  We look forward to CPC finally achieving their objective’.