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David Murray Statement Disappoints Shareholders:


David Murray AO (AMP chairman), disappoints with his statements that are completely self-serving and didn't once mention shareholder interests, solely his own.  David Murray does not consider the negative impact to shareholders that remain in the 'dark' as to CPC business solvency and direction.  David Murray might have a wonderful Christmas this year, but we cannot be sure about those CPC shareholders that have lost their money. 

David Murray continues to disguise his attempts to move Chris Burke's patents into his personal control, these long-standing motivations remain.  Additionally, he will not disclose the commercial terms of a relationship entered between CPC and his private companies.  This is especially biased against CPC shareholders as they are uncertain what CPC actually does as a corporate entity.

David Murray will not disclose why he continues to fund CPC and hold Microlatch P/L in court, he is a minority shareholder of that company and yet he restrains it in court, plus conducted an illegal minority shareholder coup to appoint Chifley Advisory.  This is damaging to the company that he has a corporate and ethical responsibility but seems oblivious or disinterested in anything other than self.  Chris Burke will gain back control of Microlatch P/L but this is a costly injurious process and nobody wins when such underhanded actions are taken.  There has been no benefit to Microlatch P/L shareholders, therefore the strategy is purely self biased, and known only to David Murray himself, whom is not acting in a manner consistent with a good corporate citizen.  I wonder if AMP Society minority shareholders take him to court in the same manner, if he would then cry foul play?

David Murray has tried to move patents consistently for his own benefit, rather than approach the opportunity of monetising a unique patent portfolio on a global basis and alongside the inventor and an accredited individual that has shown foresight and continues to achieve more patents annually.  Chris Burke's patent portfolio is potentiall the most valuable in Australian Patent Technology history, therefore it begs the question why David Murray is now saying his investment was below his expectations - perhaps this is a cynical statement and serves nobody but himself.

David Murray needs to view a wider scope outside his own orbit of self-interest and consider himself fortunate to have invested in an entity that has potential for significant returns to investors and minority shareholders alike.  Why not support the company to prosper as the financial expectations might permit?  Why attempt to purchase patents in a midnight deal with CPC and Chifley?  Why restrain Microlatch P/L in court?  Why disadvantage an Australian technology success story?  Perhaps a minority shareholder position for David Murray is not acceptable and he fights until the ‘minority’ might turn to ‘majority’.  However, this will never happen and his attempts over nearly two decades have consistently failed, but the ego that drives him continues unabated.  David Murray and his personal funders need to open their purse strings further and continue to support CPC from insolvency, plus upcoming court actions - including CPC unconscionable conduct case in February 2020.  CPC will undoubtedly lose this case due to their overwhelmingly obvious failures to acheive ASX or NSX Listing and then openly admitting they could never have Listed with the SPA in its existing format.  CPC failure in court will require them to provide a significant damages payout that will be not less than $21,000,000 apportioned to Chris Burke in the SPA.  Depending on the terms entered between CPC and David Murray's private companies, the damages payout could also transfer to David Murray, especially if CPC are then Liquidated and incapable to pay; due to non-existent company assets, other than the director's personal assets.


The problems that remain for David Murray, as follows:

  1. David Murray does not understand technology, nor patent commercialisation / litigation, nor multi-faceted manufacturing requirements of a high-tech enterprise.  David Murray is a dinosaur in the modern era of technology.
  1. David Murray cannot fight or restrain against a perennial exclusive license holder, Microlatch Limited in Hong Kong.  No matter David Murray's back-room dealings, Microlatch Limited in HK will remain the sole exclusive Patent License holder for all Chris Burke's patent portfolio, including new additions that David Murray nor CPC are even aware.  They have zero knowledge of Chris Burke's patents because Microlatch Limited HK is the sole management company and exclusive patent license holder.
  1. David Murray has spent millions of dollars supporting CPC and in court actions without any positive result for his funding associates or CPC shareholders and will need to spend millions more to pursue his self-interests further.  David Murray has funded CPC to encourge their continuing attacks on Chris Burke and intent to weaken the global opportunities to commercialise and monetise Chris Burke's patent portfolio through their false and misleading public statements.
  1. The current court case is now hearing the counter claim by Microlatch P/L, Securicom (NSW) P/L and Chris Burke, that CPC operated as an unconscionable suitor in their mountain of promises to list on the ASX and NSX.  They had been criticised by the ASX for their deficient, unsatisfactory and deceptive application.  CPC never released the damaging ASX response, never completed a prospectus and never notified Chris Burke about their problems but continued to entice Chris Burke to sign SPA extension after extension.  Unconscionable behaviour in this manner will result in damages against CPC and a return of the patents to pre-SPA position.  Chris Burke will then control the patent portfolio in full, without legal contention, even from David Murray himself.  However, David Murray will still enjoy a minority shareholding position in Microlatch P/L, therefore this whole exercise is completely ludicrous or completely self-serving for David Murray and his fellow funders.
  1. David Murray was a participant with CPC in their deficient ASX submission and attended those bungled meetings.  David Murray goes from failure to failure but continues to fund CPC and continues to participate in this unethical corporate behaviour, alongside CPC incompetent duo, Kevin Dart and Steve Cole but without consideration for CPC shareholders.  David, let's see the commercial terms between CPC and yourself, it would be respectful to all CPC shareholders and equally informative for everyone involved.