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Microlatch Limited (Hong Kong) is pleased to announce it is poised to sign an agreement to commence Patent Litigation in 2020 against premium corporate targets.  Potential patent breaching targets include Apple, Samsung, Huawei, smartphone device manufacturers, laptop and tablets, bank and financial entities, including online app developers that utilise the biometric component of smartphones.  In addition, biometrics health cards, credit / debit, access and identification card companies.  This list is growing rapidly as the biometrics card market expands and accelerates in volumes.

Microlatch Limited is the licensee of a suite of patents that describe mobile device biometrics functions and recently added newer updated patents that add together to a value proposition larger than any in Australian corporate history.  CSIRO (Australian Science Research Organisation) achieved almost US$1 Billion gross revenue from their WiFi patent litigation program, and it is envisaged that with appropriate funding and financial strength, Microlatch Limited has a greater potential income.

Microlatch Limited has received written expert opinion confirming exclusive exploitation of the exclusive and perennial license agreements.  A new website will be completed in 2020 that will better portray the new vision of the company and renewed vigor to implement a global patent litigation program (PLP), plus expand its manufacturing base significantly.  The new website layout will portray the PLP in greater detail, plus its ongoing successes.

Microlatch Limited continues to add patents to its valuable portfolio and sign distribution deals for the products that it manufactures in Hong Kong/China/Taiwan.  Microlatch Limited Corporate Headquarters is located in Hong Kong and conducts global technology business from this base.  Microlatch Limited CEO, Mr Chris Burke says, "Microlatch will proceed at a pace commensurate with our ability to litigate companies of broad categories, sizes and strengths in 2020.”  “Microlatch Limited focus will be firmly and resolutely on revenue generation in 2020 and beyond.”

The exclusive patent license agreements in favour of Microlatch Limited in Hong Kong enable full management on a global basis to sub-license, monetise, commercialise, exploit and manufacture the entire patent portfolio invented by Chris Burke.