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January 2020


Microlatch (Hong Kong) Patent Licenses On Foot


The recent posting from the CPC geriatrics on January 2nd reaches new lows, even for these two unsavoury characters.  Kevin Dart and Steve Cole revert to their home turf of intimidation and personal defamation of Chris Burke because they have no other business concepts or ideas left.  The geriatrics continue to place the Supreme Court of NSW logo at the top of their postings, this is a purposeful effort to portray themselves as something they are not.  The truth is they are two opportunistic geriatrics that have nothing to wield in business, other than intimidation and slander.

The geriatrics recent posting is hard to understand because there were always two license agreements, one from Securicom (NSW) P/L to Microlatch Limited and one from Microlatch P/L to Microlatch Limited (Hong Kong).   The CPC geriatrics never raised any concerns when they reviewed and accepted both license agreements during the SPA adoption period.  Only one of the license agreements was raised in court, between Microlatch P/L and Microlatch Limited (Hong Kong).  However, as Chris Burke is major shareholder and creditor of Microlatch P/L, this company's patents return to him - regardless.

The CPC theme however remains intimidation and a continuing and long-standing personal attack on Chris Burke that they perceive might bring them some relief from their second-rate business practices.  Additionally, a losing position is all but certain in their upcoming court case of unconscionable behaviour, with damages being sought by Chris Burke in hundreds of millions of US Dollars due to loss of potential revenues whilst waiting for a promised ASX Listing that was never achievable.  The damages are sought because of the geriatrics inability to perform an ASX Listing, whilst enticing Chris Burke with promises and false information about their progress with the ASX and their entirely inferior capabilities.  CPC legal counsel openly admitted in 2018 they could never have achieved an ASX Listing because the SPA was deficient, as additionally stated in a scathing letter written by the ASX in 2017.  The ASX letter was never divulged to anyone outside the three characters involved, being David Murray, Kevin Dart and Steve Cole.

Removing the smoke screen that the geriatrics are intent to throw on their dire situation, they have achieved nothing, created nothing, own nothing and work from weakness of position and quite possibly operate their company insolvently.  The only exceptional feat the CPC geriatrics have achieved is a company with tens of millions of dollars of corporate debts and zero income from the last decade and counting.  The geriatrics should be very worried indeed as their business life comes to an unavoidable and tragic end.

Microlatch Limited patent license deed is on foot and is fully capable to exploit the entire patent portfolio of Chris Burke as it exclusively desires.  Microlatch Limited will sign distribution agreements for sale of biometrics products, sub-license deeds for patent licensees, perform and exploit the patents for monetisation and commercial business advantage on a global stage.

The CPC geriatrics would be best served by indicating their commercial terms with David Murray and come clean on their corporate financial position.  CPC geriatrics have a disastrous history of investment failure after failure and a corporate debt that is staggering, given they have borrowed money from investors relentlessly over a decade – how does this continue?  The geriatrics still haven’t shown anything to give them credibility with payments to Chifley that they previously purported would bring them ownership of patents, this seems a distant memory and forlorn hope.

Microlatch will continue to commercialise Chris Burke’s patent portfolio and will not be hampered or intimidated by the geriatrics in 2020 nor beyond.  The geriatrics have a considerable number of problems, not least how they intend to finance their legal defence in February.  If the geriatrics cannot obtain funding, they will forfeit the SPA immediately with return of all conditions to Chris Burke as pre-SPA, and they will incur a huge damages pay-out whether they turn up to court or not.