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January 2020


The Amigos FEAR Microlatch License Agreement


The Three Amigos (David Murray, Kevin Dart, Steve Cole) biggest fear is the Exclusive Patent License Agreement that gives absolute control and total exploitation rights to Microlatch Limited in Hong Kong, solely operated by Chris Burke.

Microlatch Exclusive Licenses are effective, legally binding, defensible and currently being exploited on a global basis.  The Amigos can complain but they cannot cease or decelerate the Microlatch Limited Exclusive License control and management of Chris Burke's patent portfolio.  Microlatch Limited has gained expert opinion that supports the strength and validity of the License Agreements and continues unabated in its exploitation endeavours.  Any attempt by the Amigos and CPC Patent Technologies to initiate commercial business with Chris Burke's patent portfolio will be met with injunction and legal action to recover any losses incurred.

The Three Amigos have spent years achieving nothing other than unethically constraining Chris Burke's business progress through dubious legal channels and most recently through their close association with Chifley Advisory.  The Amigos continue to conspire to hinder the ability for Chris Burke to build a Patent Technology and Manufacturing Company that would be amongst the most valuable ever established in Australia.

The Three Amigos have spent millions of dollars without one step forward in their attempt to undermine Chris Burke and manoeuvre the patents to their individual advantage, regardless of Shareholders or anyone else that stands in their path.  David Murray AO, who is also the chairman of AMP, has become the sole financial conduit for Kevin Dart and Steve Cole since they dumped their CPC shareholders in favour of CPC Patent Technologies, David Murray's private company.

The Three Amigos created nothing, own nothing, achieved nothing and continue to attempt misinformation designed to enhance their own self-serving ambition to deny a unique Patent Technology enterprise to operate in Australia. 

There are 6 questions that remain unanswered by The Amigos, which we would prefer to read in place of misinformation or tactical smoke screens that achieve nothing of any substance.

The disclosure of the commercial relationships between David Murray, his private company's - CPC Patent Technologies & Lyndcote Holdings, and his role in the recently created CPC Patent Technologies entity, plus the roles of Steve Cole, Kevin Dart - previously operating CPC.  The ASIC Data Extract for CPC Patent Technologies is shown below, also online for public view.  Why was the entity created, who is funding and what/why these particular interrelationships?  Full disclosure please Mr Murray.



ASIC Data Extracted 20/08/2019 at 14:10

This extract contains information derived from the AustralianSecurities and Investment Commission's (ASIC) database undersection 1274A of the Corporations Act 2001 .Please advise ASIC of any error or omission which you may identify.

This On-File Report is a company extract that at the time of order (07/10/2019), was already held by InfoTrack and had not changed since it was last ordered on 20/08/2019.


ACN (Australian                                                                                          Document

615 736 028

Company Number):                                                                                                                                  No.

ABN:                               37 615 736 028

Current Name:               CPC PATENT TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD

Registered in:                 Queensland

Registration Date:         04/11/2016

Review Date:                  04/11/2019

Company Bounded

- Current Organisation Details -

Name:                             CPC PATENT TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD         2E6407973

Name Start Date:           04/11/2016

Status:                            Registered

Type:                               Australian Proprietary Company

Class:                              Limited By Shares

Sub Class:                      Proprietary Company

- Company Addresses -

Registered Office                                                                                     2E6407973


Address:                         SURFERS PARADISE QLD 4217

Start Date:                      04/11/2016

Principal Place of Business                                                                    2E6407973

Address:                         LEVEL 9 50 CAVILL AVENUE SURFERS PARADISE QLD 4217

Start Date:                      04/11/2016

- Company Officers -


A date or address shown as UNKNOWN has not been updated since ASIC took over the records in 1991. For

details, order the appropriate historical state or territory documents, available in microfiche or paper format.


* Check documents listed under ASIC Documents Received for recent changes.

Name:                             DAVID VICTOR MURRAY                                 7EAO03002

Address:                         7 STANLEY ROAD HUNTERS HILL NSW 2110

Birth Details:                  27/04/1949 ARMIDALE NSW
Appointment Date: 02/08/2019

Cease Date:                    //


Name:                             STEVEN ALLAN COLE                                       7E9588911

Address:                         114 BAMBOO AVENUE BENOWA QLD 4217

Birth Details:                  26/06/1953 DEVONPORT TAS

Appointment Date:        04/11/2016

Cease Date:                    //

- Share Structure -

Class:                              ORDINARY                                                          2E6407973

Number of Shares 2

Total Amount Paid / $2.00
Taken to be Paid:

Total Amount Due         $0.00
and Payable:


For each class of shares issued by a company, ASIC records the details of the twenty members of the class (based on shareholdings). The details of any other members holding the same number of shares as the twentieth ranked member will also be recorded by ASIC on the database. Where available, historical records show that a member has ceased to be ranked amongst the twenty members. This may, but does not necessarily mean, that they have ceased to be a member of the company.

- Share/Interest Holding -

Holding -

Class:                              ORD                                       Number Held:                 2                                        7EAN94482

Beneficially Owned: Yes                                              Fully Paid:                      Yes

Members -

Name:                             107 242 884 LYNDCOTE HOLDINGS PTY LIMITED

Address:                         7 STANLEY ROAD HUNTERS HILL NSW 2110


Joint Holding:                No

Abn:                                72 107 242 884