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Microlatch Exclusive License Agreements Prevail


Microlatch Limited (Hong Kong) holds exclusive license agreements for Chris Burke’s patented inventions since 2013.  These agreements prevail over any other arrangements.  The agreements are perennial and enforceable.  Any company or person attempting to subvert the license agreements is violating them and will be legally held accountable.


Securicom and Microlatch P/L in Australia will be the beneficiary of 5% proceeds from the Licensee's Patent Assertion Program.  The Licensee also manages a patent portfolio with new patents and owns the manufacturing revenues exclusively.  Should any company wish to conduct business with the Licensee for Chris Burke’s patented inventions, we welcome their formal request.  Microlatch Limited in Hong Kong is the Exclusive Licensee for Securicom (NSW) P/L and Microlatch P/L patent portfolios.