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Technology restricts future virus progress


Christopher Burke has recently filed several new and diverse patent applications.  One of the patents describes the combination of contactless biometrics computing devices with a component of health as a combination requirement before activation.  The ability to pre-determine health prior to access or conducting payments must reduce the spread of viruses now and in the future. 

One of the patent filings is extremely applicable within the current global pandemic crisis and assists the process of determining ‘biometrics + health’ before online or retail NFC Payments, access control, operation of vehicles or weapons, entering restricted or sensitive environments etc.

The biometrics+health patent filing doesn’t breach privacy of the individual because it sends an alert for further investigation via several optional mechanisms.  This integrated technological implementation for determining health through existing biometrics devices, ensures an awareness of the health of User at the earliest possible time.  By applying pre-set limits for health assessment on a smartphone, biometrics card or biometrics computing device, we have the earliest possible warning, due to the combination with existing applications as an adjunct criterion.  Should the User exceed the pre-set limits, an alert or warning via Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth or other communication medium is sent without divulging the specific reason, it is an alert signal only.  The patent description and consequential product implementation ensures that warnings are determined at the earliest time.  Given the current dire global environment, early warning is essential for virus or pending virus detection and prevention.

Chris Burke is an inventor with an enviable track record for creating valuable patents.  The new and timely patent descriptions from Chris Burke offer twenty plus years of monetisation, substantially greater than the original portfolio, which is nearing end of life.  Given the global outlook and the applicability of the new patents, it is a forward looking and essential addition to the portfolio.

The new patents add to Microlatch Hong Kong’s Exclusive License Agreements, which manages as licensee, Chris Burke’s original patent portfolio, increasing the value substantially.  Chris Burke will combine the new patents into a comprehensive portfolio that ensures a patent assertion program of the highest order.  Chris Burke will additionally manufacture the products, portraying the patents significant strength in a hands-on experience.