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Microlatch Hong Kong is the exlcusive license holder of Microlatch and Securicom patents since 2013.  Microlatch Hong Kong, Chris Burke has recently added several new patents that combine to increase the portfolio value and bring significant strength. The new patents have received a preliminary validity landscape opinion, which shows their uniqueness and an expectation that they would combine perfectly and bring signifcant extra value to the Microlatch and Securicom patents under exclusive licenses.

Microlatch Hong Kong has added to its management and legal teams in preparation for global Patent Assertion Program (PAP).  Chris Burke will shortly announce a new CEO to manage the group.  Chris Burke, as the inventor and founder, will work in USA alongside patent litigation teams in the process of litigating breaching entities  The targets would be the mobile biometrics computing devices, smartphones, biometrics cards manufacturers etc.  The volume of biometric smartphones globally is around 3,000,000,000 currently in circulation and would comprise the tier 1 category of litigation.  Chris Burke considers all of the patents would be applied in a patent litigation program simultaneously, supporting each other to achieve a substantial monetisation result for investors, now extending over 20 years for continued and increasing monetary proceeds, as litigable volumes increase and expand.

It is noted that Chifley Advisory in Australia would receive 5% of proceeds for the Securicom and Microlatch Patents due to the terms of the license agreements.  This will apply whilst Chifley maintains their position.  All other patents, recently added and future additions would be excluded as they are owned by Chris Burke, directly within Microlatch Hong Kong Corporate structure.