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Microlatch Hong Kong Legal Statement


Microlatch Hong Kong Patent License Legal Status


Microlatch will continue to commercialise Chris Burke’s patent portfolio with the exclusive licenses from Securicom and Microlatch companies in Australia.  Microlatch Hong Kong owns the licenses under Hong Kong law and there has been no inclusion of Microlatch Hong Kong in any restrictive court action.  The Microlatch Exclusive Licenses are both contracts executed in 2013 in Hong Kong, the licenses are supported by common law – contract law.  Microlatch Hong Kong will continue to honour the terms of the exclusive contract as Licensee and fee allocation to Licensor, (currently Chifley Advisory).

Microlatch Hong Kong, since 2013 owns the exclusive licenses globally, having full rights and ownership of the patent licenses to exploit and sub-license as it desires.  Chris Burke’s patent portfolio is solely exploitable through the exclusive license agreements and any attempt to subvert the license rights will be held accountable in the Hong Kong Court of First Instance (High Court).  Microlatch Hong Kong also is the patent manager with Chris Burke as the expert to coordinate the patents and enhance with new patents to expand the portfolio.  Microlatch and Chris Burke control, manage and conduct patent renewals for all facets required for maintaining the portfolio.

Microlatch Hong Kong has received expert legal opinion that affords the company complete ownership of the patent licenses and will publish more from Hong Kong legal offices to ensure there is no doubt about the ownership of the patent licenses and complete exclusive exploitation rights.

Hong Kong law prevails with the license agreements and any company intending to deny the rights of Microlatch Hong Kong will need to convince a Hong Kong court otherwise.  Microlatch Hong Kong welcomes any purported challenge of the licenses under Hong Kong law.  Microlatch Hong Kong will continue to maintain full and exclusive control of the patent portfolio of Chris Burke and with his direction for enhancing the patent portfolio, patent management and patent monetisation.